Veteran Resources in Colorado Springs, CO

Posted by Lauren Schneider on Tuesday, February 11th, 2020 at 10:01am.

Veteran Benefits and Healthcare in Colorado SpringsFor veterans in Colorado Springs, CO, there are a number of services that can help vets lead better lives. This famous city is eager to give back to those who have served this country. Learn more about how The Centennial State structures its programs and how vets can take advantage of the many opportunities in the greater metropolitan area.

Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center

Located in the heart of Colorado Springs, this center was formed to give veterans a smoother transition from service to civilian. Since 2016, there have been tens of thousands of client visits, largely due to the quality of the staff and the resources it offers:

  • Transition & Employment: The team at Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center diligently works to find employment for veterans and their family members. Their program is fueled by strong relationships with employers and community partners in the area.
  • Health & Wellness: From individual therapy to meditative retreats, the health and wellness services in Colorado Springs give veterans the chance to experience the healing qualities of mindfulness, self-reflection, and creativity.
  • Supportive Services: Veterans in the middle of an active crisis can receive the stabilizing support. From there, the vet can receive ongoing treatments offered by the health and wellness team.

Support for Vets

The state of Colorado fully embraces services for vets, as seen by the funding given to resources like Mt. Carmel. After a pilot program established by the transition and employment team, the Colorado Governor approved another five years of funding based on its success. It's an encouraging sign for long-term residents of the state, especially given the quality of the professionals who run these programs.

The counseling team at Mt. Carmel doesn't require a referral or for vets to have insurance. They're a donation-based team who are there to help with anything from PTSD to relationship troubles. Every member of the staff is both properly educated and trained to work with military issues specifically. Veterans can even find life coaching services there to help them realize their larger dreams.

Housing and Health

Mt. Carmel is not the only resource for vets in Colorado Springs, CO. The Crawford House is available for veterans experiencing homelessness or struggling with long-term mental illnesses. This residential facility also offers rehabilitative programs for veterans to turn their lives around. More than 80% of veterans who completed this program have moved into their own homes.

The VA Clinic provides primary care services as well as specialty and mental health care. It has an on-site lab for blood drawing services and mail services for routine prescription medications. For veterans facing long-term health issues, the clinic is an affordable way to take care of all vets in Colorado Springs.

Homes for All Veterans is a program that supports case managers, outreach personnel, and community resources to ensure that no veteran goes homeless. Like the Crawford House, these resources make it possible to navigate their lives, so they can have a brighter future.

Colorado Springs, CO has made a concerted effort to give veterans access to everything they need. And while it may take time and effort for veterans to find the services that are right for them, the sheer variety of programs should be enough to get vets started with anything from finding a job to learning a new hobby.

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