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API access
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Access to our assets programmatically. APIs for icons, photos, illustrations, and music.
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Do you offer a free trial?
Yes. In fact, we go one step further. You may use our graphic assets without payment for personal or commercial purposes but only on the condition that you include a link to Icons8 in your work. Please note that free assets do come with limitations such as smaller sizes, select file types, and variety.
Which plan do I need?
Purchasing each asset's specific plan (icons, songs, photos, or illustrations) unlocks all options and removes the attribution requirement. Alternatively, you can purchase the Full Set plan to receive all assets and use them without crediting us. Please make sure you've read our Licensing Agreement before purchasing.
Do you offer team management?
Yes. We are more than happy to empower your team with Icons8 resources. Adding, removing, and managing services for your team members is easy. Sign up, and a team section will be available on your account page. If you have any additional questions, just ask!
Do you offer educator or student discounts?
Yes. We are happy to help teachers and students.
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