Pests in the Home: 6 Signs You Probably Need a Pest Control Expert

Posted by Lauren Schneider on Tuesday, June 1st, 2021 at 8:32am.

Tips for How to Know When to Call in a Pest Removal ProfessionalNo one likes to discover pests, either the furry or six-legged type, have taken up residence in their homes. When these unwanted critters appear, it's usually an issue that needs immediate addressing. In some cases, homeowners can eliminate the problem themselves, but in others, it's best to get a professional in ASAP. Calling in a pro can be expensive, but sometimes it's the best solution. Here are six signs you probably need to call a pest control expert.

Finding Droppings and Urine

Finding droppings and urine spots in the home signifies an unauthorized occupant has made itself at home. Aside from the uncomfortable feeling of invasion, their presence in the home creates health concerns for both the people and pets living in a home. Pests often carry diseases, and it's important to remove them as soon as possible. Home remedies could take weeks or longer. A professional pest control expert will ensure they take their leave immediately.

Finding Property Damage

Homeowners who find bite marks on furniture or frayed wires might have a mouse or rat chewing these items when no one's looking. The presence of mud tubes along a house's exterior or small piles of tiny pellets resembling sawdust around the foundation is a tell-tale sign of termites. No matter how small, any property damage shouldn't be ignored—it could be the onset of an infestation leading to big repairs and more costly solutions.

Seeing Visible Pests

Homeowners who see several pests scurrying about might not realize that, for every visible bug, there are typically many, many more behind walls and hiding in other cracks and crevices throughout the home. Insect eggs, such as fleas and bed bugs, are also a huge problem, and usually, if they are visible, a much bigger problem exists. Additionally, if spiders and ladybugs are visible, even though many people don't mind them, it also signals they are only present because they have an ongoing meal ticket in the other types of insects living in the home.

Hearing Rustling and Scratching Sounds

Rustling and scratching sounds are mostly heard at night when pests tend to be more active, and homeowners shouldn't disregard these sounds. If the bugs are loud enough to hear, rest assured there are probably more than anyone would be comfortable with lurking between walls. Sounds coming from the attic? That might be a pest of the furry or unusually large kind, such as mice, rats, squirrels, bats, or even raccoons.

Finding Any Sign of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a type of pest that belongs in a category in itself. These little insects rapidly reproduce, and while they're possible to eliminate with DIY methods, it takes time and doesn't always work. By the time they are visible, there are typically many bugs and eggs hidden in carpets, outlets, furniture padding, walls, headboards, and, of course, mattresses and box springs. Effective treatments usually require intervention where a professional will either use chemicals or heat to eliminate these pests.

Tried the DIY Route and It's Not Working

DIY solutions can work if the problem is identified quickly before an infestation occurs. However, if the placement of bait, traps, and other home remedies don't resolve the problem in a timely fashion, call a pro. Persisting with ineffective home remedies can end up being more costly than calling in an expert in the first place. If a DIY treatment isn't working, the pests are spending that time growing more entrenched, causing more damage, and possibly making household members ill.

Certified experts have the experience, training, and equipment to eliminate pests. Just like choosing whether to DIY a home renovation, sometimes it's best for homeowners suffering infestations to call in professional reinforcements.

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