What a Real Estate Agent Can Do to Market Your Property

Posted by Lauren Schneider on Monday, August 10th, 2020 at 9:40am.

Everything to Know About Marketing Your Home for SaleIf you're a homeowner who is trying to sell your property, hiring a real estate professional is one of the best things you can do. Real estate professionals are master marketers; it's what they're trained to do! By providing you with good advice, suggesting the right price for your home, and by taking steps to market your property to local and regional buyers, your real estate agent can help sell your home quickly. If you're a home seller trying to decide whether to hire a real estate agent to help you market your home, here's what you need to know.

Provide Staging Advice

Home staging and curb appeal can help attract home buyers. Staging is the act of sprucing up the home on the inside and in the back yard, while curb appeal is what makes your home look beautiful from the front yard. Methods for staging and boosting curb appeal may sound like common sense, but many homeowners have little knowledge of what home buyers are looking for when they view a house. A good real estate agent may pass on the following advice.


Declutter the home's interior by hiding knick-knacks, old bills and extensive personal collections. Decluttering can make the home seem larger and more spacious. Homeowners who want to keep their things rather than throw them away can always put their items in storage for the time being while the home is being sold.

Make the Home Look Like a Showcase

Personal photographs, bold wallpaper and unusual pieces of artwork can detract from a home's appearance by reducing the home buyer's ability to imagine themselves living there. Homes that have generic appeal are often more attractive to home buyers because they make the home more relatable. Real estate professionals can make suggestions that can help home sellers create this personal appeal.

Perform General Maintenance and Deep Cleaning

Little maintenance problems can be a red flag for home buyers. Home sellers who want to create the impression that their house is well-maintained can help do this by performing deferred maintenance before listing their home for sale.

Repairing a cracked window or a small hole in the wall, painting a peeling window sill and replacing a tricky door knob are ways that homeowners can make their home more appealing to buyers. Real estate professionals can help homeowners identify the type of repairs that will contribute to staging and that will attract buyers.

Suggest the Right Price

This may not sound like marketing, but real estate professionals help homeowners sell by suggesting the right price. The price is a very important marketing tool, because it helps draw in buyers. If the home is listed for too high a price, it will draw in buyers who expect to get more for their money. If it is listed for a price that is too low, the home will sell for less than its true value.

Real estate professionals can help homeowners set the price that will bring buyers running and help the home sell for fast. Real estate agents do this by checking the cost of comparable properties in the area. Knowing how much other homes of the same size and with the same amenities cost, real estate professionals can attract the right buyers to see the property.

List Your Home

Real estate professionals help homeowners market their home by writing an attractive listing. Good listings are properly written, feature good pictures and highlight features that home buyers want.

In order to improve the listing, many real estate professionals will suggest taking professional pictures of the house, and some may also suggest drone photography or creating a virtual tour. Real estate professionals can also help home sellers connect with professionals who offer these services at an affordable cost.

Create Mailers

Often, real estate professionals who want to get the word out to homeowners in the area that a house is for sale will create mailers about the property's good features. Mailers can reach a wide audience and can draw people in, regardless of whether they're looking to buy a new house.

Use Social Media

Many real estate professionals now use social media to draw in buyers. Listing a home on their own website and on various social media platforms, they cover a wide audience in their general area. With social media, real estate agents can also reach home buyers from far away places that might be tuned in to local real estate agent websites where they would like to buy.

Contact a Real Estate Professional Today

Are you a homeowner who would like to sell your property? There are many things you can do to make your property more appealing to home buyers. Working with a real estate professional can help you identify the most effective ways to market your property.

Your real estate professional can also help you by marketing your property online and through other channels. To find out more about how you can make your home more appealing, contact a reputable real estate professional today.

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