How To Keep Your House Cool If You Don’t Have Air Conditioning In Colorado Springs

Posted by Lauren Schneider on Thursday, May 9th, 2019 at 1:22pm.

How to keep your home cool this summer

For somewhere with such a diverse climate, it may come as a surprise that a number of homes in Colorado Springs don't come equipped with air conditioning. If the hot summer weather has you feeling a little uncomfortable in your home, here are some tips that are not only easy on the wallet, but the environment too!

Close Your Blinds, Windows, and Doors

A considerable amount of heat is generated from light as it passes through glass, which is one of the biggest sources of natural heat in your home. As nice as it is to let the natural light illuminate your space, try keeping your blinds closed during the day, at least while the sun is shining directly on that area. If you don't already have them, it might be worthwhile to invest in white blinds and shades, as these will absorb the least amount of heat energy and will instead reflect it back outside.

Keeping doors closed during the day is another way regulate temperatures throughout the home. If one room is particularly hot, this will prevent it from heating up the home. That being said, if you have a quality garage door, that area of the home may be cooler than other areas. If you use your garage more as a storage unit for your stuff than for your vehicles, you might be able to use that dark and cool space to chill the rest of your home. Open the door, setup a fan to pull air from the garage, and enjoy the cool breeze. Just be sure to check for open chemicals prior to trying this trick.

At night when the temperatures have cooled, open up all of the doors and windows to promote airflow throughout the home. If it's cooler outside, this should suck out all of the heat that's built up in your home during the day.

Switch To Cotton

If getting a good sleep is a struggle, try switching to cotton sheets if you aren't already using them. Cotton is very breathable and typically stays cooler than other textiles. This is also a good option during the day, rather than other synthetic fabrics like nylon an acrylic.

Cook Outside

If you needed another reason to get grilling this summer, this is it. Using your oven and stove during the summer is a surefire way to heat up the kitchen, especially if you're making something like a casserole, soup, or even cookies. Summer is a great time to opt for temperature-friendly dishes like salads and fall-off-the-bone barbequed chicken.

Change Up Your Style With The Season

You might not like it, but using a hairdryer and curling iron on a hot summer day is not just drying and styling your hair, it's heating up your home in the process. Chat up your stylist to see if they can recommend any products for fun, summer hairstyles that will look great, naturally.

Change Your Lights

It might seem small, but a house full of inefficient light bulbs can warm up the home by a few degrees. Switching to CFL's or LED's will not only save you money on your energy bill, they also won't influence the temperature of your home.

Run the Fans

Ceiling fans make a big difference in air flow and internal comfort. Fans do little to actually lower the temperature in the house unless they're drawing in cool air from the outside. However, you'll still feel cooler because of the air blowing on your skin.

Keep ceiling fans blowing throughout the day. If you have no ceiling fans, position box fans strategically around your home. Keep cords out of walkways, and place fans in such a way that they won't blow objects and make a mess.

Be cautious about placing fans in your kitchen, as loose papers may blow around, causing a fire hazard around the stove. Teach small children fan safety: don't allow them to play with fans. Finally, when the temperatures outside cool down at night, open the windows and put box fans on the window ledges to draw in the cool air. 

The key to keeping your house cool this summer is to be proactive, not reactive. It's much easier to keep a cool home cool than it is to reduce the temperatures, especially without the assistance of an A/C unit.

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