The Five Best Hiking Trails Near Fort Carson, CO

Posted by Lauren Schneider on Monday, April 20th, 2020 at 3:58pm.

Best Hiking Near Fort Carson, COWith a location just east of Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Fort Carson provides access to a wealth of opportunities for people to get out, stretch their legs, and enjoy Colorado's breathtaking natural views. The area has hiking trails for people of all abilities, from beginners to seasoned experts. Wondering where to go? These are some of the area's best trails.

Manitou Incline

Built along the route of an old cable car line, this one-mile trail in Manitou Springs travels straight up the side of a mountain. The steps on Manitou Incline were created from old railroad ties and have a challenging 40 percent grade. Despite its short length, this trail provides an intense workout. Those who take it on are rewarded with spectacular views once they reach the peak.

Looking for something slightly less intense? The nearby Barr Trail zigzags down the mountain to offer a gentler path up and down the slope.

When visiting this trail, you'll need to leave four-legged friends at home, as pets are not permitted.

Foothills Trail

This 6.6-mile trail at the base of the Rocky Mountains offers activities that include biking, horseback riding and inline skating and takes adventurers through picturesque rolling terrain. The southern half of the Foothills Trail passes through a residential area and comes to an end at West Colorado Avenue, which is the perfect place to stop and have some coffee or a bite to eat.

Shooks Run Trail

The Shooks Run Trail is an urban trail running parallel to Shooks Run Creek in downtown Colorado Springs. The smooth, concrete path accommodates walkers, cyclists and inline skaters alike and is wheelchair accessible from end to end. A slight downhill incline running from north to south allows those who visit to get their heart rate up without taking on too hard a challenge. The trail is open and sunny all year, which means that it is a pleasant one to visit even in the winter. The safe environment makes it a top choice for family hikes.

Upper Gold Camp Road

Upper Gold Camp Road follows the winding route through Pike National Forest once used by old mining trains. The trail was first forged in the 1880s, then improved so that it was passable by car. However, a tunnel collapse made the route inaccessible to motor vehicles, leaving it for hikers and mountain bikers to enjoy. The trail is 15 miles long, with dirt, sand and gravel surfaces throughout. It includes six tunnels on the eastern end, so bring a headlamp if you want to explore.

Briargate Trail

The Briargate Trail is a 2.5-mile trail found just north of Colorado Springs. It begins in a largely flat residential area before proceeding into steeper hills and valleys in the southern half. The trail's southern end connects with Woodmen Trail, which runs east and west through commercial and residential areas, offering many dining options for after you are done.

These are just a few of the trails accessible for hiking in the areas around Fort Carson. Someone intent on getting outdoors could enjoy different areas every weekend and never see the same things twice. Looking for more to enjoy? Many of these trails connect to others in the area, allowing people to discover new areas to explore. Grab those hiking boots, fill up the water bottle, and grab some sunscreen to get out and enjoy Colorado's outdoors.

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