Icon creators, with Icons8, earn more than all other icon marketplaces combined*

How do we know it’s profitable?
We beta-tested it for 2 years. Here’s are sample earnings from one participant:
Icons8Marketplace #1Marketplace #2Marketplace #3Marketplace #4Marketplace #5
January 2019 $382$211$279$80$101$4
February 2019 $358$179$356$70$106$31
March 2019 $497$159$485$65$107$17
April 2019 $665$327$248$125$144$49
May 2019 $795$167$374$195$243$344
June 2019 $784$210$301$88$181$186
July 2019 $826$201$266$64$149$0
August 2019 $402$189$610$59$171$0
September 2019 $172$126$200$43$165$110
October 2019 $176$319$203$48$158$0
November 2019 $189$72$241$48$145$0
December 2019 $217$75$537$101$116$140
$5469 $2241 $4203 $987 $1794 $633
Avoid pain
How do we know your pains? In part, because we are icon designers.
Also, we were researching icon designers for 3 years.
Here's what we discovered from numerous interviews.
Pain #1
“I try to outsource it to freelancers for $100. Then I try to don't look into the result.”
Sergey Kokota
Painkiller #1
We tag
You give it to us, and we upload it. We're used to it: we've been tagging our own icons for years.
It's a combination of:
  • A technology called approximate image matching
  • Crowd sourcing
  • Internal tagging team
Pain #2
“Once an icon pack becomes popular, the knockoffs appear. Sometimes, they add only a single dot to create a different SVG file.”
Painkiller #2
We police
We don't accept similar-looking icons, stolen or not.
We've developed a technology called Visual Hash to compare each new icon against existing ones.
Pain #3
No sales
“We get numerous offers to publish our icons on another new website. They offer millions,
but in fact, we get $67... over 3 years. True story!”
Painkiller #3
We limit competition
We don't accept visually similar styles.
Visual Hash, which allows us to fight against copycats, also lets us compare similar-looking icons.
How does it work?
Sign up, and we'll ask for your icons: either on another website or attached as a zip file.