What is the Climate Like in Colorado Springs?

Posted by Lauren Schneider on Monday, January 20th, 2020 at 7:38am.

Everything You Need to Know About the Climate in Colorado SpringsIf you're thinking about moving to Colorado Springs sometime this year, it's important to know what the weather is like and what to expect in this great location. Here's what you need to know about the climate in Colorado Springs.

Is Colorado Springs Comfortable?

Colorado Springs has cold winters and warm summers, with a clear difference in temperature from season to season. Colorado Springs is about as comfortable the average U.S. city. Most comfortable during the summers and least comfortable in the winter, Colorado Springs experiences a great deal of snowfall during its coldest months.

How Much Precipitation Falls in Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs is a dry city that receives a slightly below-average amount of precipitation, when compared to other cities in the United States.


This city gets most of its rain from March or April through September or October every year. On average, Colorado Springs gets about 18 inches of rain each year, compared to the national average of around 38 inches. The most rain falls in July.


Snow tends to fall from late October to the end of April, with the most snow falling in March. Colorado gets a lot more snow than the average state in the United States, getting around 57 inches of snow each year.

What Are Winters in Colorado Springs Like?

Winters in Colorado Springs are cold and dry. The snow that falls tends to be light and fluffy. Winter in Colorado Springs is a great season for people who enjoy winter wonderland settings.

What Are Summers in Colorado Springs Like?

Summer in Colorado Springs tends to be relatively dry, and the heat in summer is not intense compared to other parts of the country. Therefore, summer is one of the most popular times to visit. This is a time when the area becomes popular with tourists and with people who enjoy the outdoors. The most humid month in Colorado Springs is July; however, it is not a very humid month by normal standards.

Want to Move to Colorado Springs? Be Prepared for Lots of Weather

Colorado Springs is a great place to live if you enjoy a range of weather types and all four seasons. If you're moving to Colorado Springs, you'll be best off with an all-wheel-drive vehicle, clothes for all seasons, and a sense of adventure. Colorado Springs can get over 50 inches of snow in a year! For more information about what it's like to live in Colorado Springs, contact your real estate professional. A good real estate professional can give you information about the quality of life in Colorado Springs.

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