Distance from Colorado Springs, CO to Other Major Colorado Cities (And Why You Should Visit)

Posted by Lauren Schneider on Tuesday, September 10th, 2019 at 1:07pm.

The Best Cities for Road Trips from Colorado Springs COWhen people live in a city in Colorado, they know just how much there is to explore. There's always a new hike, restaurant, or activity to try to make the most of a person's free time. Still, sometimes it's nice to get out and really explore the state to learn more about its history, people, and future. Colorado Springs is close to a number of major cities in the state, making it one of the perfect locations from which to plan a road trip. Those who want to stay in Colorado should first know how far each city is, and what it will be like once they get there.


Located just 70 miles away (about an hour drive) from Colorado Springs, Denver is the capital city of Colorado and is an exciting place to stay for a weekend or two. Visitors can gaze up at the outdoor lights of the city as they take in the mountain air. Fun activities include:

  • Catching a Rockies game at Coors Stadium
  • Going for a hike to Herman Lake on a clear day
  • Heading to Casa Bonita to watch the cliff divers
  • Visiting LoDo (lower downtown) and its many amazing restaurants and hip bars


While Durango is certainly more of a drive at 315 miles (more than a five-hour drive), vacationers will undoubtedly be pleased they put in the time. Durango may be one of the smaller cities in the state, but it packs a lot of charm into its main street. Get a massage, strike up a conversation with one of the local shop owners, and visit the farmer's market. The people here are friendly and the views are every bit as spectacular as a person would expect from this picturesque state. However, the closer Coloradans get to New Mexico, the more variances they'll see in the landscape. It's an interesting juxtaposition, especially for those who are still getting to know this tremendous area.

Fort Collins

Just a bit of a way up from Denver lies Fort Collins, a notoriously laid back town with an eclectic vibe. Less than a 2.5-hour drive away, Fort Collins is home to Colorado State University. The atmosphere is heavily influenced by the idealism and the spirit of the students who attend, which can be a refreshing change of pace. Vacationers will find young people up here who are more interested in canning preserves than playing a game on their iPad. Come here to stroll the streets of this hippy town and check out some of its many shops, restaurants, and bars.


Some people will lump Boulder in with Denver, but locals know it's a city all its own. Vacationers will have to drive less than 2 hours to make it to Boulder, making it an ambitious (but still reasonable) day trip. Boulder is also home to a university (University of Colorado Boulder), and is one of the more exciting cities in Colorado. Visit Pearl Street, a block so packed with fun things to do that it's crowded nearly every hour of the day. As visitors might expect, there are plenty of hikes to do in this area too. Go on an astronomy hike to learn more about all those constellations that are so easy to forget. (They're much easier to identify without the bright lights of the city interfering.) For those looking to cross off another 14er from their list, Longs Peak is just up the road.

When it comes to getting out and about in Colorado, road trippers will be exceptionally pleased at the number of options available. These cities are all truly incredible places to visit, whether they're several miles away or right up the road.

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