In the Military? Buying a Home Long Distance? What You Need to Know

Posted by Lauren Schneider on Monday, March 2nd, 2020 at 8:49am.

Buying a Home from Afar When You're in the MilitaryBuying a home long distance can be very difficult. Unfortunately, this is something that people in the military have to do often. Working with the right professional, using modern technology and following other best practices can help you find the right home, even when you're looking from a long way away.

Find the Right Real Estate Professional

It's never more important to find the right real estate professional as it is when you're buying a home from a long distance. When looking for a real estate agent, look for someone who understands your needs and who listens to your preferences. Contact multiple real estate agents and ask them questions such as:

  • What's your experience helping buyers find a home long distance?
  • Have you helped military families find homes?
  • What advice do you have for someone hoping to purchase a home from out of town?

Note the way each real estate professional listens to your particular situation and the type of constructive advice that each one offers. Hire the real estate agent who has dealt with military families in the past, who understands the challenges that people face when buying homes from out of town, and who is able to provide practical advice for moving forward. Since your real estate agent is also a partner in the home buying experience, hire someone who understands the particulars of your situation.

Embrace Technology

Modern technology makes it much easier to purchase homes long distance. Listings can be found online, as can virtual tours and drone photography. Look for properties that provide as much information in the listings as possible. Look at virtual tours and flag homes that have as many pictures of their property as possible. Work with your real estate agent to arrange tours of each home by virtual conference.

When looking for a real estate professional, ask each one if they are able to use modern devices to help you view homes, sign papers remotely and perform other tasks that could be necessary during the home buying experience.

Do Your Research

Find out as much as you can about your new home by doing research about the neighborhoods, amenities in each area and services that will be useful to you. Doing this type of research in advance will make it easier to identify the part of town where you want to live. Doing this research in advance will also make it easier to describe to your real estate professional where you would like to live, because you'll know which parts of town are most likely to appeal to you. You can find some very helpful information and see some different areas on this Colorado based live web cams website. 

If you can, come see the town with your own eyes. If you aren't able to make it into town, you may ask family to visit the place where you're planning to move, so they can report back.

Know Your Resources

Military personnel and retired military people often have access to VA loans. This low-interest, no-money-down mortgage makes it easier for military personnel to buy the house they want. Talk to a lender to find out whether you are eligible for a VA loan to buy your home.

Contact a Reputable Real Estate Professional

If you're hoping to buy a Briargate home, talk to a real estate professional in the area where you hope to live. Working with a real estate professional will help make the experience a positive one.

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