Date Night Locations in Colorado Springs, CO: 5 Exciting Places to Go

Posted by Lauren Schneider on Wednesday, April 21st, 2021 at 9:37am.

Best Date Night Locations | Date Night | Colorado Springs, COWhen it comes to date night in Colorado Springs, Colorado, couples in this beautiful mountain city have many choices. Whether the couple wants to go all out with a night on the town or keep spending to a minimum, there are numerous ways to have a romantic evening together. Here are the best date night locations across Colorado Springs that help new couples and long-time residents explore their city a bit more.

Listen to Ragtime Piano at the Golden Bee

Any couple looking for good fun and cheer will love listening to ragtime piano at the Golden Bee. This gastropub serves up the best British favorites and has the largest selection of ale around. All guests are encouraged to sing along, which creates a fun, light-hearted atmosphere for date night. Ragtime piano is played most nights at the Golden Bee, so couples aren't limited to just the weekend for this date night adventure.

Stroll Down Tejon Street in Downtown

Tejon Street allows date night to organically become whatever the couple desires. The range of cuisine at the restaurants and local breweries ensures both parties can find something they will enjoy. Art galleries, specialty stores, and live music are available up and down this street in downtown Colorado Springs. Couples can meander along and pick whatever their hearts desire. Better still, the offerings on Tejon Street are always changing with the seasons, which means date night downtown will unlikely be the same twice.

Play Games at the Penny Arcade

The Penny Arcade in nearby Manitou Springs offers people the chance to have friendly competition during date night. With over 400 games from pinball machines to DDR, there is something for everyone.

The Penny Arcade constantly updates its collection with old gems and new releases alike. Some of the games even date back to the 1930s! The Penny Arcade is spread out over several buildings, allowing visitors to explore and take in all of the sights and sounds as games are played nearby.

Appreciate the Outdoors at Seven Falls

Often referred to as “the grandest mile of scenery in Colorado” and “the most beautiful canyon in the world,” visiting Seven Falls is the perfect romantic date night in Colorado Springs. Seven cascading waterfalls are lit up at night to showcase their natural beauty. Visitors can hike up 224 steps to the top, where sightseers can gaze at the valley below.

The best time to visit Seven Falls is right before sunset, which allows couples enough time to get to the top and take in the valley before it gets too dark. Stick around to see the waterfalls lit up at night, or take advantage of the hiking trails, ziplines, and Rockhounds gallery.

Take In Some Jazz at Motif

Motif Jazz Café is consistently rated as the top romantic date night in Colorado Springs. The jazz music features smooth tunes, and the venue has a comfortable atmosphere and candlelight ambiance. The dark club creates a bit of privacy for each couple having a night out, which is an excellent way to create more romance.

With all of the date night locations in Colorado Springs, every couple is sure to find something right for their relationship. From outdoor adventures to candlelit clubs, each date night location offers something memorable. Some couples may use all five of these date night ideas, while others might try out one and fall in love with it.

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