Best Careers for Military Spouses

Posted by Lauren Schneider on Thursday, June 27th, 2019 at 3:10pm.

best jobs for military spouses

We can all agree how grateful we are for the military men and women who make sacrifices to keep our country safe. But what about their partners and spouses who also make their own sacrifices to support their loved ones? Military families are known for always being on the move or getting transferred on a somewhat regular basis. These factors make it difficult for non-military spouses to enjoy meaningful employment. However, in today's society, where remote jobs are gaining popularity and being your own boss is more rewarding than ever, there are numerous opportunities for military spouses to find meaningful employment:

Take Advantage of the ACS and Military Spouse Foundation

The Army Community Services is a great resource for military families. The ACS is typically located at most posts in a standalone building. This organization offers support and guidance for all things a military family would need, but with a special focus on finding jobs. So, does the military help spouses find jobs? The short answer is yes. The ACS can help military spouses with resume-writing, one-on-one job counseling, assistance applying to federal positions, and also help take advantage of any hiring preferences you may be entitled to as a military spouse.

The Military Spouse Foundation is another amazing resource for spouses. With a team of entrepreneurs, military spouses, career coaches, and more, MSF has helped countless spouses find meaningful employment.

Work with A Large Company with a Proven Track Record with Military Spouses

Many national businesses have a great reputation for hiring military spouses. These businesses offer some of the best jobs for military spouses. For example, companies such as The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) and Triwest Health Alliance are just two companies that truly understand the struggles of a military family because they specialize in military services. These businesses offer flexible opportunities across the country, so employees can relocate without needing to find an entirely new career. Other companies that support military spouses include Adecco Group, T-Mobile, RE/MAX LLC, IAP Worldwide Services, and more.

Live the Dream and Make Money Working from Home

Many professionals wish they could work from home. As a military spouse, working remotely is not only possible, but it's a definite advantage in your life! Some careers that allow working from home include owning your own home massage therapy service, freelance writing, personal chefs, freelance graphic design, social media managers, personal trainers, and virtual assistants. Many of these professionals require minimal education, making them ideal for military spouses looking for a way to make money from home. However, these jobs still require certain business acumen, which is why it's still important to learn the basics of being an entrepreneur before starting your venture.

What Are the 3 Most Mobile Careers For Military Spouses?

When it comes to working remotely, many military spouses find a good career in freelance writing, editing, or web design. For those who don't want to work from home, there are other careers to consider. The nursing field is in hot demand for good talent, and spouses who must move around frequently can often find a job quickly as a nurse. Other careers in the medical field, such as medical office assistant, management, or caregiving can lead to easy job placement when a move must occur. As a military spouse, keeping your options open and always looking for new ways to improve your skills will help you find solid work. The three most mobile careers are freelance writing and editing, nursing, and virtual assisting. You can do writing and virtual assisting from anywhere you have a computer. With nursing shortages almost everywhere, you can find a job in nursing quickly.

Whether you're looking for a new job in a new location or you simply need a change of pace, there are many possibilities for military spouses to find meaningful and satisfying work.

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