A Fraternal Organization of Canadians of Italian Heritage

Welcome to Order Sons of Italy of Canada

The Order Sons of Italy Canada, as a fraternal organization, makes great contributions towards the betterment of social conditions in society, offering true helping hands wherever and whenever they are needed. Our history started in 1915 when the first lodge was opened in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

One of our inspiring and unifying influences has been the general effort to gather funds for the Thalassemia Foundation. Local lodges also donate thousands of dollars each year in their respective communities to local hospitals, charities and community services.

The Sons of Italy also strives to keep alive and protect the many rich traditions of our enviable Italian heritage. Each year we award a student with the Josephine Lavey Memorial Scholarship Award in support of our members’ higher learning.


The Order Sons of Italy organization was formed in New York City in 1905 by Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro and a small group of individuals devoted to caring for the Italian immigrant in the early days of the twentieth century.

Mission & Vision Statement

To assist the needy, the ill, and disabled through financial support, the provision of housing, and other support programs.